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Park and Cemetery Levies

Keep your park and cemetery for under 24 cents a day... (BASED ON A $75,000 HOME EVALUATION) 

Park- (It is important to know that this will appear on the ballot as current expenses; please do not be confused) - 1.6 mil (14.1cents/day) 

Cemetery- 1.25 mil (9.1 cents/day)

Here are the facts. It's really quite simple: the levies for our park (current expenses) and cemetery will end this year....there will no longer be any funds collected and set aside for the maintenance and upkeep of our park and cemetery. So the question-do you want a park and cemetery?

Your YES or NO this November will be the answer.

Questions? Please Call Your Council.

Mike Lloyd (567) 391-9020                Mike King (419) 706-6260

Lynn Phillips (419) 610-4373             Randy Wilson (419) 921-6736

Jerry Shoemaker (419) 661-3424      Steve Bovia (419) 752-6150

Wes Sallee (419) 752-6952

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