Utilities and other Services for The Village of Greenwich

Village Electric Power

Greenwich owns the municipal distribution system. Electric power is purchased wholesale from The Ohio Power Company at 2,400 volts, 3 phase 60 cycle through a new 3,750 KVA sub-station. During the summer of 1964, Ohio Power installed the new sub-station and a larger transmission line to provide additional capacity for the growing industrial needs. The capacity of the municipal distribution system has been increased from 12,000 volts to 69,000 volts.

For service, inquire at the office of the Clerk in the Municipal Building. Monthly bills may be paid at the Clerk's office or the Greenwich Office of the 1st Citizens Banking Co.

Water Services

Local water comes from wells on an 80 acre farm owned by Greenwich, one mile west of the business section. No restrictions have ever been placed on the use of water. In fact, during the drought in the winter of 1960-61, several million gallons of water were hauled from Greenwich to supply the needs of surrounding areas.

The village owns and operates an iron removal and softening plant. Plant capacity is 200,000 gallons per day. Present daily usage by customers is about 140,000 gallons a day. Water storage is taken care of by a 200,000 gallon elevated tank, erected in 1960. An additional 100,000 gallon elevated tank will be in operation June of 2002.

The water system is all cast iron pipe with a new 8-inch feeder line built in 1960. A new 12-inch feeder line from the wells to the station was completed in 1979. There are 60 fire hydrants located throughout the village.

Inquire at the Clerk's office for service. Any new industries locating in Greenwich receive a special rate. Monthly bills may be paid at the bank in Greenwich.

Sewage Disposal

The sewage treatment system is located on a 147 acre tract of land adjacent to the northwest section of town.

The state-approved plans called for three sewage treatment ponds (Lagoons), two lift stations and adjacent force mains, plus the necessary intercepting sewers.

Work on the project was begun in 1964 and completed in 1965.

Gas Service

Gas is supplied by Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. Requests for service may be left at the bank in Greenwich. Industrial customers also receive a special rate.

Cable, Internet, & Phone Service

Time Warner Cable. 

Time Warner Website

Phone: 1-877-772-2253

Business Class Internet & Phone Service

Time Warner Cable. 

Time Warner Website

Phone: 1-866-892-4249

Telephone Service

Frontier Phone serves this portion of Ohio.

Frontier Services Website

Phone: 1-855-379-6546

Newspaper Service

The Greenwich Enterprise-Review is published each Tuesday and mailed to every home in the area estimating 3200 circulation. The Shopper's Helper has a circulation of approximately 13,700.

The Norwalk Reflector


Greenwich, 55 miles southwest of Cleveland, is located on U.S. Route 224, a main east-west route. U.S. 250 (north and south) is six miles east of the village; Ohio Route 13 (north and south), two miles east. Exit 7 of the Ohio Turnpike is 20 miles north; and Interstate 71 can be reached by traveling about 30 miles to the east or about 25 miles to the south.

Allegheny Airlines at the Mansfield Airport offers direct flights to several major cities and connections with all transcontinental lines. Freight and charter service is available there. The Willard Airport is suitable for light jet aircraft.

Passenger train service is available in Bucyrus, Cleveland and Sandusky (Amtrack).

Bus terminals are located in Norwalk, Sandusky, Mansfield and Ashland.

Fire Protection

The Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department serves the Village of Greenwich and the two adjacent townships, Ripley and Greenwich. It also gives contract service to two other nearby townships. The department is guided by a Fire Board, consisting of one representative each from the Village, Greenwich Township, and Ripley Township.

The department has 21 men, all trained fire fighters who have also been trained in First Aid. Many have completed the course in fire fighting through the Vocation Education and Training Department of The Ohio State University.

Equipment consists of one pumper capable of discharging 1,000 gallons a minute; equipment with 600 feet of one-inch booster line, 800 feet of 1 1/2-inch, and 3,000 feet of 2 1/2-inch line, plus all necessary equipment to make them complete. The tanker has a 1,200 gallon capacity with pump and auxiliary pump. The emergency truck is equipped with two resuscitators, extra oxygen, portable light plant, two reflective suits, axes, chains, jacks, K-12 saw, porta power entry tools, and saws. All units are radio equipped.

A new 4WD brush fire fighter was added in 1971.

Police Protection

The Village of Greenwich is served by four full-time officers. The police cruiser is a fully equipped modern vehicle with a radar unit. The department base radio operates in conjunction with the cruiser 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Police protection is given to the residents of Ripley and Greenwich Townships by the Huron County Sheriff and his staff.

There is a State Highway Patrol post located in Norwalk.

Local Dumps

No garbage is to be dumped within the village. Refuse pickup is by Rumpke Trash Removal. Information concerning the pickup can be obtained from the Village Clerk.